Getting Started with the CRS

4 Steps for Managing University Records

4 Steps: Classify, File and Maintain, Retain, Dispose

4 Steps for Managing University Records

These steps apply to both paper and electronic records.

STEP 1 - CLASSIFY records using the classification framework in the Common Records Schedule.


STEP 3 - RETAIN records for the length of time specified in the Common Records Schedule.

STEP 4 - DISPOSE of records as specified in the Common Records Schedule once the retention period has ended.

CRS at a Glance

The file class is the basic unit of the Common Records Schedule. A file class is a group of related records supporting and documenting a function, activity or related tasks and transactions.

Each entry of the CRS has a standard format:


  • Letter code for function
    area + number code for each file class
Title of File Class

  • Description of file class and examples of types of records that fit into this group
Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

  • Office responsible for keeping official or legal copy of record

  • Retention period for official record in office of primary responsibility


  • Whether record should be retained permanently by the unit, destroyed or transferred to the University Archives
Other Copies

  • Copies kept by units other than the Office of Primary Responsibility for operational use or convenience, as well as alternate formats in OPR

  • Retention period for copies (no longer than retention period for OPR)


  • Method of destruction
See Also

  • A cross-reference to other similar or related file classes
Retention Rationale

  • A brief explanation of the underlying principles behind the retention periods. Often retention is based on legislation, regulation, anticipated operational use and/or current practice.
Filing Guidelines

  • A brief description of any special filing considerations. These guidelines may more fully describe which records can be removed from a file and what is to be done with records once the retention period has ended.
Archival Selection Plan

  • A brief description of any selection plan that the York University Archives has developed to apply to this group of records.

For more detailed information on using the CRS to manage your records, see the Common Records Schedule User Guide.