Using the Common Records Schedule

The Common Records Schedule (CRS) is the backbone of records and information management at York University. It  is designed to assist units in ensuring that their university records are organized and maintained for operational and administrative effectiveness, and that they are disposed of appropriately.

The CRS presents a model for the organization of records across the University, organized into eleven functional areas based on common functions.  See Getting Started with the CRS for an overview of the records classification framework, then browse the various functional areas with their associated descriptions in the Common Records Schedule.

Organizing and Managing University Records with the CRS

If you have not used the Common Records Schedule, these tools will assist you in understanding how the CRS works.  The User Guide gives you step-by-step assistance in applying the Common Records Schedule to your unit's records.

For quick access to the CRS, just click the red Common Records Schedule button wherever you see it  on the website (always in the right sidebar).

For additional assistance, contact the Information, Privacy and Copyright Office.

CRS Changes and Updates

Changes and updates to the Common Records Schedule are posted from time to time, including a summary of new and revised file classes.